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The history of MONTEMARIO shoe factory begins in the first half of the 20th Century. The passion to carrying on a family tradition and Italian craftsmanship is the history of our brand.
Our President Luciano Lombardi decided to follow the passion of his father Mario, an artisan shoemaker. Under the guidance of Luciano, the family business with passion, skill and genius was trasformed into a Company in 1960.
The MONTEMARIO brand saw the light of a day, which over the years has become a reference point for admires of Italian artisan footwear.
Mario’s project continued with his grandchild Orazio.
Thinking back to those times, it seems as if one could see the great grandfather Mario, sitting and bent over his workbench, accepting such a barter, while smiling with the humble pride of the craftsmen who knew the secrets of leather, passion and colors that the company proudly preserves today.
The quality of their shoes, the skill and experience handed down from one generation to the next.
The MONTEMARIO brand conquered the Italian market to reach soon the foreign market.
The main production was and remain today the mocassin in its many versions, from the classic to the modern “driver”, leather or rubber soles all rigorously hand sewn.
Over time we have developed many other constructions such as “bologna”, “mounted”, etc…however the moccasin remains our core business.
We have always aimed at offering high-quality shoes together with the tradition of a family brand at a price that is accessible to everyone.
In our sample collection we now count hundres of models and many shapes suitable for any type of foot. With our wide range of products we are able to export from Tuscany all over the world the most iconic items of shoes: The moccasin.